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Although the provocative title suggests an emphasis on national politics in Britain, this article will cover a range of issues from superpower relations to localized politics and media bias. My basic premise is that the absurd actions of the New Labour government in Britain are due to covert economic and political interference by the Council / Commission of the European Union. To demonstrate this I'll first outline the undemocratic ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. Then I'll offer a breakdown of the motives of the EU bureaucracy, as well as its corrupt operation and links to US-driven superpower politics. I'll then offer a similar breakdown of Britain's New Labour government and its links to the EU bureaucracy. Specifically, we'll focus on engineered racial conflict as the key strategy for marginalizing euroskeptics and New Labour opposition. And lastly I'll offer some tips for how you can help dismantle global fascism and engineered racism with specific emphasis on reconsidering your poltical loyalties and upping your levels of political activism. The false choice trap of only supporting major political parties such as New Labour and the Conservatives will also be covered in the final chapter.



1) New Labour forces the Lisbon Treaty on Britain

2) EU tactics and motives

3) New Labour tactics and motives

4) The "diversity & equality" smokescreen

5) Conflict engineering and covert support for "right wing" groups

(The remaining chapters were due to be written, but i've put them on hold being that the Labour party our now out of office)