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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Meaning of the Monolith Revealed video featured at NOWHERE LIMITED MAGAZINE (18th Aug 2014)

BEYOND THE SHINING: Rob Ager on the emergence of independent film critique
Article written for the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY (12th Aug 2014)

How to become a film critic: INTERVIEW for the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY (12th Aug 2014)

THE EXORCIST subliminal photoplay video recommended at CINEPHILIA.ORG (1st Aug 2014)

THE SHINING analysis recommended at THEFILMSTAGE.COM (24th July 2014)


KUBRICK film analysis' recommended at JOBLO.COM (24th June 2014)

THE SHINING spatial anomalies video featured in an article in MENTAL FLOSS magazine (1st April 2014)

THE SHINING analysis covered by CURBED.COM (27th March 2014)

THE SHINING: Gold Standard analysis at LETSTALKBITCOIN.COM (14th Feb 2014)

CLICK LIVERPOOL website publishes corrections regarding 2010 smear attack article (21st Dec 2013)

Video interview for French magazine BITS Full interview responses (in English) can be viewed here (27th Nov 2013)

THE SHINING film analysis recommended at CC2KONLINE.COM (1st Oct 2013)

Collative Learning Youtube channel recommended by WEBPRONEWS (26th Sept 2013)

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY continuity errors video featured at FILMMAKERIQ.COM (4th Sept 2013)

Guest appearance on RADIO SUBCITY in Glasgow (6th Aug 2013)
To download full two hour show (MP3 format 106 mb) CLICK HERE

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE short video analysis featured at SLATE MAGAZINE (30th July 2013)

THE SHINING spatial anomalies video recommended at CREATIVEBLOQ.COM (26th July 2013)

BIG LEBOWSKI analysis summarized by CRACKED.COM (10th June 2013)

THE SHINING spatial anomalies video recommended in HIGH PLAINS READER newspaper (12th April 2013)

THE SHINING analysis recommended in the JAKARTA GLOBE newspaper (12th April 2013)

Interview comments and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY analysis coverage - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (8th April 2013)

TRIBECAFILM.COM on the Microviewing (film analysis video essay) Revolution (2nd April 2013)

Interview for film student Lawrence Whitehurst (1st April 2013)

BUZZFEED coverage of THE SHINING analysis (30th March 2013)

ZIMBIO article on Room 237 with film analysis link (27th March 2013)

THE SHINING film analysis article recommended by Jack Dee of JOBLO.COM (15th Feb 2013)

SLATE MAGAZINE coverage of "HAL=IBM" video (8th Jan 2013)

BADASSDIGEST.COM recommends THE SHINING spatial anomalies video (29 Dec 2012)

Detailed interview with Rodney Ascher about THE SHINING and ROOM 237 (14th Dec 2012)

DIGITALSPY.CO.UK on THE SHINING'S "Maze of Meaning" (12th Nov 2012)

RESERVOIR DOGS distributor MIRAMAX features "analysis of deleted scenes" video (30 Oct 2012)

KUBRICK'S GOLD STORY discussed at THE CORBETT REPORT (14th Oct 2012)

Rodney Ascher and Tim Kirk discussing THE SHINING again (25th Oct 2012)

THE GUARDIAN Jan Harlan (exec-producer on The Shining) confirms spatial anomalies theme (20th Oct 2012)

PULP FICTION analysis video featured at fan site (8th Sept 2012)

TIME Entertainment recommends THE THING film analysis video (10th Aug 2012)

IRISH TIMES coverage of THE SHINING analysis video (26th May 2012)

ROOM 237 film maker Rodney Ascher on THE SHINING (25th May 2012)

Coverage of film analysis by rapper Jensen Karp at SMODCAST (22nd Feb 2012)
This is film maker Kevin Smith's website - coverage is mid-way through episode 30

CRACKED.COM features 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY "HAL = IBM" video (13th Feb 2012)

NEW YORK TIMES link to THE SHINING film analysis video (25th Jan 2012)

IRISH TIMES recommends THE SHINING - SPATIAL ANOMALIES video (1st Aug 2011)

Response to screenwriter John August regarding THE SHINING - SPATIAL ANOMALIES video (1st Aug 2011)

Interview for Jack Silverstein of READJACK.COM (19th Oct 2010)

Interview for Andrew Dimitrov of SHOESTRINGCENTURY.COM (16th Feb 2010)

Response to Simon Boyle and Guy Patrick media smear attack (updated 21st Dec 2010)